How I got started - Kyle

So many people have asked how and why I got into video production as a career, and I would love to write down my story so that it could possibly help others or just give some background.

I had just graduated high school and was off to Luther College to study international business and to play baseball. I was so excited at the idea of being in college, like many people are, but wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with my life (like most of us still are). While there, I got a job in the cafeteria in the pizza line and HATED it. I might have gone to just one shift. Because of this, I had to find another work study position and was looking through the website. I found one that said: “Student Video Producer - Visual Media” and my mind began racing. I had always been the one in high school to make the silly class project videos, and wanted to do more. I thought it might have been a good hobby even.

I applied, interviewed, and was hired. I never looked back as I fell in love with video production and visual media. I learned a ton from some amazing people, but still was a newbie. In this photo it’s not very noticeable but I actually had the glide-cam stabilizer set up wrong! This was the first shoot they let me do alone, and as you can see I was so into it! I felt so cool being the guy with the camera (I still do). If you want to see how far my work has come, you can watch the first video I ever got paid to make here. I actually have a little cameo in the first five seconds.

I’ve come so far since then, and it all started with Luther College Visual Media (s/o Aaron and Bailey) for taking a chance with me. Now in my 4th year of doing video, the sky is the limit :-)


My first video job - Fall 2015

My first video job - Fall 2015

Kyle Livingood