Reasons Your Company Needs More Than Just a Videographer

In this information age we live in, many companies have realized that video content is incredibly important. While a powerful video can help grow an audience, persuade clients, or share a story, there are other types of content that your business needs.

A videographer typically will write, film, and edit a promotional video for your company. There are some rockstar videographers who do the whole video process themselves, but what if you need event photos? An infographic? An animation? A podcast? These might fall outside of a videographer’s realm of expertise. 

What I suggest is to find a “jack of all trades” who can be your team’s creative. Instead of paying double or triple to have multiple specialized members on a content team, find that creative all star who can do it all. This is key especially at a startup or smaller company. Imagine being able to go to one person for all of your graphic design, photo, video, and overall creative needs. 

My advice for any creators: learn more. Don’t only feel like you can only do one trade like photography, but learn new ones. Now, video editors are almost always expected to know motion graphics on top of their editing. By improving other creative skills, you will become much more valuable.

My advice for any companies: find more than a videographer. More than a photographer. More than a graphic designer. Why limit your content and brand identity to just video? Find a creative rockstar and let them help you grow your business to a new level. 

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Kyle Livingood